Monday, October 22, 2012

Reading and Reconnecting

With travel finally settling down for me, but ramping up for my wife's book tour, I'm able to settle in to some long overdue reading, thinking and planning.

Also, after an exciting conversation with Dogan Can, during a trip to USC's SAIL lab, I'm trying to get more on top of sharing ideas, progress and information here.

First up: some drill-down reading from Paul Mineiro's blog post on Bagging!

Ensemble methods work too well for me to understand them so poorly, so:

  • How out-of-bag estimates can be used to get at generalization error (better than cross-validation can).  
  • The relationship between the bias-variance tradeoff and ensemble methods from this lecture.  This is a nicely framed discussion of ensemble methods that I hadn't seen before.

Lying Words: Predicting Deception From Linguistic Styles.  This paper describes a common pattern of language use in deceptive story-telling:  Less self-reference. More negative emotion words. Less cognitive complexity.  

I'm looking forward to verifying these claims on some old deception data. And taking a look at debate transcripts through this lens.